Salt Processing Line

There are many methods to process salt. Various machines are needed to implement these methods. Salt Processing Line establishes turnkey lines to process all kinds of salt with desired quality and capacity. Salt Processing Line is all of washing, milling, separating, iodizing, compressing, drying and packaging processes.

Vacuum Salt Plant

With the multi-evaporation system, salt can be crystallized
in high capacity with low energy by lowering the boiling point under
negative pressure. Because the salts extracted by the vacuum method are purer,
washing processes are less applied.

Low Salt Loss

Machinery used in washing process remove impurities in salt in large quantities in one go, so salt loss is low.

Salt Recycling

Equipment to be used for re-use of salt that escapes when washed is available so that salt loss is minimized.

Low Energy Consumption

Particularly because of the pressure change in the evaporation plant, the use of energy is reduced due to the minimum use of steam and the reduction of the steam requirement.

Ease of Use

Machinery in salt processing line is manufactured in such a way that they can be used easily by operators. When a problem occurs, it is easily noticed and easy to take precautions.

Mechanical Salt Plant

It consists of systems such as washing, breaking, separating.
The main purpose is to remove impurities in salt as much as possible and break large
salt granules to remove the contaminants on the surface of granules.
Depending on the quality of salt, number of equipment in plant may vary.


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