Conveyor Band

Conveyor band is the most important means of transporting solid materials in a continuous manner, which is horizontally or in certain limits. Particularly, with these conveyors, it is possible to transport dry or wet materials as well as granular materials such as ash, flour, sand, or multi-part materials such as coal and stone.

We have designed the belt conveyors to transport raw salt to screw conveyor and then to screw washing machine. Slope of the convex conveyors is adjusted to 20° in accordance with the installation characteristics of the plant. The transmission distance may also vary depending on the location of the installation.


Conveyor Band | Structure

conveyor band 3

Parts of the conveyor band; steel frame, drive drum, tail drum, pulley groups, tensioning device, deflection drum, hoisting boat, discharge vessel, a cleaning device, and accumulation chamber. The conveyor band is easily installed and cleaned. The strength of the steel frame is determined by the capacity to be used. Waste of materials is reduced by collecting spilled materials in a pit.

Conveyor Band | Advantages

  • Provides large and serial transmission.
  • The energy requirement is very low.
  • It is a cost-free product with low investment cost, low service, and service costs.
  • The material is well protected during transport.
  • Thanks to the use of steel rope belts, transmission to large distances can be achieved.
conveyor band 4

Conveyor Band | Table

Lenght Width Conveyor Rolls Diameter Motor Power Band
3 m (customizable) 80 cm 50 mm (AISI 304) 1,5 kW 4 mm White PVC Bant

Conveyor Band | GALLERY


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