Iodizing Machine

Iodine deficiency leads to many health problems such as mental retardation, speech difficulty, goiter disease. The iodine needed for the human body is provided by salt. Iodizing machine is used for mixing salt and iodine dosing method.

We have developed machinery that can make iodizating according to the norm set by UNICEF and other health organizations. We test the installation of the iodotization machine and give all the technical details about its use by the operators.


Iodizing Machine | Working Principle

iodizing machine 3

Salt is ioaded into the feed hopper and released into the mixing chamber at a constant rate through the rotary feeder. While salt falls into the mixing chamber, the potassium iodide or iodate solution is sprayed into the mixing chamber through the injection hole. Salt and iodine are mixed in the mixing bowl to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Finally, iodized salt is discharged to the discharge chamber and stored.

Iodizing Machine | Features

  • It can be customized to make production at the desired capacity or can be increased.
  • All surfaces that are made by mixing are made of stainless steel.
  • It is operated by electric motor.
  • Thanks to the control panel, the ratio of iodine and salt mixture can be determined automatically.
iodizing machine 4

Iodizing Machine | Parts

Mixing Chamber

Salt and iodine are mixed homogeneously in this chamber.

Spraying Units

Iodine solution mixture, determined and prepared according to standard ratios, is sprayed into the mixing chamber from this section.

Salt Feeding Barrel

Salt is the part that is released at a certain rate into the mixing chamber.

Control Board

It is an automatic panel that allows the system to operate according to these parameters by determining the rate and mixing rate.

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