Salt Silos

Silo is a structure than preserved, kept or stored on collective materials and manufactured according to a size of a facility. The silo is produced with the special method. Especially, it is very important in storage of the food materials. Silos can be made from different materials according to facility need but the steel silos are used in storage of the salt. Steel silos keep without deterioration thousands of ton product. The most important feature of the silos is that provides full isolation.

Silos are used in industrial materials, food materials, cosmetics, farm products. We produce storage silos that cannot be exposed to humidity and heat, and we integrate them into the system at the capacities determined according to the needs of the plant.


Loading and Discharging in Silos

salt silo 3

Material is lifted to up by a conveyor (usually elevator) and filled above silo. Silos have graduated caps. The loading process is made as start from up.

Flow with gravity

The loading spiral is worked and the center cap is opened in this stage. The material is removed from the center cap as starting from the up.

Addition shutters

When material that flows from center comes to the floor, the addition caps are opened and material is discharged from these caps.


The remained material is swept toward the addition shutters and discharged from the system with work of the unloading helix. The unloading helix is driven by electric motor.

Salt Silos | Features

The decay rate of the salt is low but if the salt moistens, it gets lumpy and doesn’t in the first quality. Thus, storage salt mustn’t touch with outside air ve moisten. For this, the storage salt is made by silos. If the salt classified, different silos is installed.

  • It has design and manufacture according to international standards.
  • Our silos give high quality and long lifetime guarantee.
  • It is manufactured from stainless steel that has AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316T quality certificate or ST37 steel.
  • It has choices such as mixing, heating, cooling.
  • It has special flame arrestor and foamed systems for the hazardous substance.
salt silo



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