Screening Machine

Screening machine categorizes with vibration motions according to dimensions of material. Materials are separated from small particle to big particle by this screens. Since the separating process is performed at the same time, when the machine stops, all classifications are ready.

We design and manufacture precise and fast running screening machines that provide the best grading. We design and integrate the screening machine into the system according to the capacity of our customers and the desired salt classification.


Screening Machine | Salt Classification

screening machine 3

Salts are categorized in many ways according to usage areas. They are used in different types such as table salt, anti-icing in highways, chemistries, cleaning elements, etc. Dimensions of salts also change according to usage area. Using coarse salt on the anti-icing isn't objectionable, but table salt must be fine-grained. The screening method is used for making this dimensioning.

Screening Machine | Features

  • The screening is a dimensioning operation of the material that broken. A screen is necessary for a screening system. The screens can change according to necessity. First, a spreading operation needs for screening.
  • It provides screening efficiency of 99%.
  • It is preferred because it does not break particles in sensitive products.
  • Provides constant sieve speed even under full load, is resistant to speed.
  • Screen motion can be recorded, so that the most appropriate operation data can be reproduced at any time and cause constant product quality.
  • Product-specific cleaning systems can be provided.
  • Because it has a modular design, a variety of changes can be made easily.
  • It works with low noise.
  • It proof dust and gas.
  • It has light and stainless steel construction.
screening machine 4

Screening Machine | Classification Process

  • Salt is given in the machine by conveyor equipment.
  • As soon as salt touched the screen panel, the machine is speeded up, and a homogeneous distribution is provided on a screen suitable.
  • In the meantime, fine grains pass under the screen into first 1 meter. Thus, first part of the screen that has a heavy lift is speedily dispatched and the screen is balanced.
  • After, salt on the screen surface continues to be screened at normal speed.
  • Salt that falls from first screen goes to second screen, and it is screened again.
  • Salts that categorized are collected in screen container that will be evacuated.
  • Salts are removed for storing from the machine.
screening machine 5

Screening Machine | GALLERY


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