About Us

Salt Processing Line was established in 2000 to produce and turnkey install salt production, processing, washing, and refining machines. We, as the Salt Processing Line, carry out feasibility preparing, facility installation plan, capacity adjustment, and machine installation processes for customers to turnkey projects. As after-sales service, we offer operator training, spare parts, and maintenance services. Our expert technical team keeps up-to-date on latest developments in salt and continuously develops the salt processing line.

Salt Processing Line

Salt is a product that increases by 10% every year in the world. It is used in the chemical and food industry, animal husbandry, domestic consumption, ice control in roads. For these reasons, it is necessary to produce more salt every year. The facilities installed to close this gap have to be technologically, a durable, efficient and low cost in order to be advantageous in terms of competition. We set up turnkey salt processing lines in a short period of time with project management understanding, which takes into account the constraints so that customers can produce salt at the desired capacity, in accordance with customer's target markets.


Turnkey Projects

At the time of installation, we determine machinery to be used according to the quality of salt to be processed and targeted capacity. We set up the installation of these machines so that they are easy to use.

Operator Training

Installed machinery are designed according to operator's ease of use. Machine features such as switching on, off, troubleshooting are taught to operators and trouble-free operation is ensured without causing any complications.

Spare Parts

In case of any problem, we deliver the required parts quickly to our customers according to the part code. At this point, we ensure that production does not wait.

Project Consultation

We make the consultation to our customers on important decisions such as installation, feasibility reporting, site selection, administrative management consultancy, and determination of production capacity.

Salt Processing

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