Washing Cyclone

High-velocity airflow in a conical or cylindrical container is called cyclone. Washing is carried out by contact with salt and water at high pressure. Cyclone uses centrifugal force to remove foreign matter from salt. Product collecting tank combines the centrifugal slurry pump, hydrocyclones and dewatering elephant on a chassis.

Cyclone technology is used in high efficiency in all of the sand, salt and recycling applications. We design and integrate washing cyclones that provide ease of use.


Washing Cyclone | Working Principle

washing cyclone 3

When salt water solution enters the cyclone, it enters a rotary motion with a 360-degree input spiral. Centrifugal force generated in the cyclone dissociates impurities dissolved in salt and water, and materials are transferred to the dewatering screen and expelled from system.

Washing Cyclone | Features

  • Salt loss is less during washing with the cyclone.
  • The cyclone is a simple and effective system, reducing processing cost.
  • Washing cyclone operates with centrifugal force. In this way, the system does not expend any energy other than motorized engine power.
  • Because it is a simple system, maintenance time and failure rate are low.
  • Thanks to the washing cyclone, most of the foreign substances in salt can be separated in one go.
washing cyclone



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