Pusher Centrifuge

Pusher centrifuges are used for continuous solid-liquid separation. They enable the products to be dewatering with high efficiency. Quality of final product can be increased by using various washing modes. Pusher centrifuges are used in purification of bulk chemicals, plastics production, processing of minerals and minerals, fiber industry and food processing.

We design and manufacture pusher centrifuges which will provide a long holding time, low material loss, low crystal breakage, dense solid material washing, minimal damp salt cake, and corrosion resistant due to the salt corrosive structure.


Pusher Centrifuge | Working Principle

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The pusher centrifuge separates solids from liquid by means of a centrifugal force, which rotates about the horizontal axis. A hydraulic system supplies power to the centrifugal piston and leaves the discharge area by separating moisture from the wet materials. The operation of the hydraulic mechanism allows the separation of liquid and solids through the reciprocation of an operating valve and directs it to the solid discharge chamber.

Pusher Centrifuge | Features

  • Energy consumption is low.
  • It has a high loading capacity.
  • The machine body consists of liquid and solid collection, discharge section, stroke system, cylinder sieves, main shaft, pusher shaft, and connected oil circulation system.
  • The body part is made of carbon steel, parts that mixture contacts are made of 304L stainless steel, and the cylinder sieves are made entirely of chrome nickel stainless steel.
  • Sieves are produced in various thicknesses and ranges according to properties of the mixture.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
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Pusher Centrifuge | Proses

  • Slurry is delivered to the system via a supply conduit in the centerline of the pusher basket. It is expedited and evenly distributed on the back of the screen.
  • The basket speed is gradually increased to inflate the reduce of particle wear.
  • Slurry is placed in the wedge holder, and salt cake is formed as the liquid is drained through slurry. The push plate moves back and forth and travels towards solid discharge end.
  • With the effect of centrifugal force, cake becomes drier as it travels in the basket and is discharged into the solid discharge housing.
pusher centrifuge



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