Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer uses effects of vibration and hot air when it dries materials. With the interaction of this two action, wet material entering from one side comes out from another side. A uniform drying process is provided through continuous action.

Fluid bed dryers are commonly preferred for the controlled, sensitive and homogeneous drying process. Our dryers are used all dust industry, and they reduce drying time by about 20 times. We develop our dryer machine design to make drying process material with minimum energy at the highest capacity.


Fluid Bed Dryer | Working Principle

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Fluid bed dryers work with the principle of fluidization of materials. The fluidization is applied as giving to moist material hot air at high pressure from holes. At the same time, vibration action is given for spreading materials and providing a uniform drying process, and materials flow through the bed. Heat transfer directly takes place between wet material and hot air flow. Evaporating liquid is discharged from the system by drying gas.

Fluid Bed Dryer | Features

  • In many sectors such as chemical, milk, food and pharmaceutical industry, especially in the application areas are available. Temperature, humidity, gas velocity, feed rate, and particle size are influential in drying.
  • It has high thermal and drying efficiency.
  • Because of the hot air pressure, more moisture can be removed in a short time.
  • It provides improved control over particle size distribution.
  • The material is distributed at the same height above the drying bed as it provides a vibratory movement. This ensures that the dryer is uniform.
  • The product enters on one side damp, the other on the dry side. Because of this, the machine can be continuously operated and filling and discharging are done by itself.
  • It provides low maintenance cost and easy material transfer.
  • It has easily removable bearing parts. This makes maintenance and repair easier.

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