Packaging Machine

Salt must be packaged to be delivered to the end user after processing. Salt packaging machine, automatic bagging, filling, measuring, closing, cutting, counting, printing and output can do. Thanks to the PLC control system, the system can be controlled easily, and the packaging efficiency can be monitored at any time. The length of the bag can be changed by setting the parameters.

We have developed a packaging machine capable of packing between 25 and 50 kg so that our customers can flexibly perform their packaging. Our machine has low noise characteristics, and parts of the machine that come in contact with salt are made of stainless steel.


Packaging Machine | Working Principle

packaging machine 3

Filling operation starts with a button. Material enters the hopper and is filled into the bags by means of feeding equipment. The filling flow is controlled by the frequency change rotation speed. When the bag is fully filled, the bag clamping device automatically opens, and the bag is conveyed to the sewing system for sealing. In the sewing system, the mouth of the bag is sewn tightly.

Packaging Machine | Features

  • A clean filling process is provided.
  • Space-saving thanks to compact machine design.
  • The machine has a low probability of failure and low maintenance costs.
  • The weight input, weight display, and time display have an easy-to-use menu.
  • The measurement accuracy is 0.2% tolerance.
  • Sewing is done in a sealed manner.
packaging machine 4

Packaging Machine | Table

Capacity Height Filling Quantity Scalling Bunker Add Equipments Power
12 tons (customizable) 4,3 m 25- 50 kg 60 kg Air Line, Piston and Valves 380 V

Packaging Machine | GALLERY


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