Rotary tablet Machine

Tablet salt is a material used in treatment systems and water softening systems, which extends the life of systems and reduces maintenance costs. In these systems, mechanical salts lead to the accumulation of mud and reduce a hygiene of the process. But, tablet salt provides a hygienic process. The rotary tablet machine provides salt particles to turn into tablets as compressed salt.

Rotary tablet machine is more efficient and serial than all other systems. We designed the tableting machine to be an automated system for our customers to determine the speed according to their capacity.


Rotary tablet Machine | Working Principle

tablet machine

The tablet press works according to the hydraulic pressure principle. The hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the system as reduced from the static liquid and makes it possible to multiply the power as needed. Salt is sent to the system through the feeding funnel and flushes into constantly rotating mold cavities. Thanks to the rolls and punches, salt is compressed, and salt becomes tablet salt. The lower and upper punches help determine thickness and stiffness of the tablets. Tablet salt is pushed upwards by the drained glass and removed from the system. Empty dies are filled up salt again.

Rotary tablet Machine | Features

  • Production is faster than other tablet machinery through be made feeding process. Capacity can be adjusted according to customer demand.
  • Since feeding, pressing and filling process is automatically made, usage time and human power reduce.
  • Thanks to the special type of reducer motor, the clamping force required by the machine can be provided.
  • As the machine works with automation, the tablet salt production becomes a standardization.
  • Since salt is a hard and abrasive substance, places that come into contact with salt are made of stainless steel.
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