Salt Processing Machinery

The Salt Processing Line machinery is integrated into system according to capacity of plants, raw salt quality, targeted product quality, and customer preference. All our machines work with the control panel, and they are automatic, easy to use, reliable and standard production machines.

We can provide our customers with individual salt processing line machines, or we can set up turnkey salt processing lines by choosing the right machines.

Salt Processing Line | Machinery

All our machinery about the salt processing line is the following:

washing cyclone

High-velocity air flow in a conical or cylindrical container is called cyclone. Washing is carried out by contact with salt and water at high pressure. Our cyclone uses centrifugal force to remove foreign matter from salt.

Screw Washer

It is used to remove impurities and chemical impurities in salt, and improve salt quality. Thin shaft floating in water is settled in a pool canal, and material escaping with contaminated water is reduced.

Pusher Centrifuge

Pusher centrifuges are used for continuous solid-liquid separation. They enable products to be dewatered with high efficiency. Quality of the final product can be increased by using various washing modes.

Centrifuge Pump

Centrifugal pumps are a type of pump consisting of a winged propeller in a body. Centrifugal pumps are used for fluid transport. In the salt processing line, it ensures that salt slurry is sent from one machine to the other.


Salt crystallizer provides high purity salt for chemical grade, pharmaceutical or food grade salts. It is a high efficiency and energy saving condenser. It operates under vacuum and low-temperature conditions and provides rapid evaporation.


Hydrocyclone is a device that classifies materials according to grain size and uses centrifugal force to increase the precipitation rate of particles. It is one of the most important devices in the mineral industry and widely used in closed circuit grinding operations.

Milling Machine

Crushing process is the first stage of the minimization process that made to provide appropriate size on processes. The crushing process can be applied materials that between 2000 mm to 5 mm. Used machine for this process is a crusher.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer uses the effect of vibration and hot air when it dries materials. With the interaction of this two action, wet material entering from one side comes out from the other side as in the dried state.


Cyclone is a conical construction that separates dust from air with centrifugal force in pneumatic systems. The use of cyclones is very common, and especially in systems where dust loads are high, it acts as a dust trap before filtering to reduce dust load.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers provide heat transfer from one fluid to another without any physical contact between them. It can be used for various industrial and food processing industries such as drug dryer, textile dryer, spinning industry, tea dryer, rice grinder, rice dryer, salt dryer.

Screening Machine

Screening machine categorizes with vibration motions according to dimensions of materials. Materials are separated from small particle to big particle by this screens. Since the separating process is performed at the same time, when the machine stops, all classifications are ready.

Iodizing Machine

Iodine deficiency leads to many health problems such as mental retardation, speech difficulty, goiter disease. The iodine needed for the human body is provided by salt. Iodizing machine is used for mixing salt and iodine dosing method.

Rotary tablet Machine

Rotary tablet machine provides to turn salt particles into tablet salts as compressed them. Rotary tablet machine is more efficient and serial than all other systems. We designed the tablet machine to be an automated system for our customers to determine speed according to their capacity.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is used for transferring operations of all kind material. Materials between gears are moved with rotating of a helical screw in a pipe or case.


Elevators are mechanisms that used in transport packages or materials such as grain, flour, sand, coal, salt. It can carry materials as vertical or with above 70° inclination. Bucket elevators make moving operation through the buckets.

Salt Silos

Silos are structures than preserved or stored on collective materials and manufactured according to size of facilities. Silos are produced with special methods. Especially, it is very important in storage of food materials. Silos can be made from different materials according to facility need but steel silos are used in storage of salt.

Electric Control System

Salt passes from many transactions such as storage, conveyance, refining. Used machinery and equipment in these transactions have electric motors and power systems.

Conveyor Band

Conveyor band is the most important means of transporting solid materials in a continuous manner, which is horizontally or in certain limits.

Storage Systems

Salt is stored before, after operations in intermediate processes, and before moving to operation areas. This storage is made with different equipment depending on features of the product. Raw salt bunkers are used to store raw salt, feed tank to feed intermediate salt to a machine, and silos to store the finished product in a clean and moisture free environment.

Packaging Machine

Salt must be packaged to be delivered to end user after processing. Salt packaging machine, automatic bagging, filling, measuring, closing, cutting, counting, printing and output can do.

Salt Processing Machinery

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