Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is used for transferring operations of all kind material. Material between gears is moved with rotating of a helical screw in a pipe or case.

It is the ideal choice for transporting dust, collecting systems, chemical materials, food materials, and materials that need to be mixed proportionately. It becomes from a shaft, inlet hopper, outlet hopper, trough, drive units, and fasteners. We design and integrate the screw conveyors according to the transport areas determined according to the layout of the plant.


SCREW CONVEYOR | Working Principle

screw conveyor

The key fact in the screw conveyors is a spiral that makes transport as wrapped around a shaft. The spiral shaft is born the spiral body from beginning and ending. the screw conveyor is fed with material as the shaft rotates by the axial effect of the helix. Material is exposed to translatory motion and moves towards the exit.

Salt Processing and Screw Conveyor

In some salt processing operations, machinery must be fed continuously with salt. Thanks to the screw conveyor, constant speed and continuous feeding are easily provided. It facilitates transport in the facility due to it is easy to adapt and maintenance and ease of installation.

Screw Conveyor | Features

  • When the inclination is low, conveying is more productive.
  • The screw conveyors are driven by a coupled gear motor. The gear motor is a motor that reduces the high rotation speed to the required rotation speed.
  • The upper and lower shutters of the screw conveyor have hinges and they are easily openable. Thus the screw conveyors can easily be cleaned.
  • The screw conveyors are manufactured from stainless steel.
  • It is assembled horizontal or inclined according to requirements.
  • Their maintenance is easy, short-time and cheap.
  • The screw conveyors are ideal for carrying dry and semi-fluid materials.
  • The incline of the chassis can be changed.
  • They can become impermeable at the dustproof and steam-tight places.
screw conveyor 2

Screw Conveyor | Table

Lenght Capacity Bedding Axle Blade Thickness Reducer Power Bots and Nuts
300 mm 12 ton (customizable) AISI 304 4 mm 3 kW Chromium Nickel

Screw Conveyor | GALLERY


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