Mechanical Salt Plant

Mechanical Salt Plant consists of systems such as washing, breaking, separating and is used to remove impurities in salt as much as possible. We can install salt processing lines in different combinations according to raw salt quality.

We aim to be minimum salt loss while purifying impurities in salt. We design machines according to raw salt quality and capacity, and we perform a turnkey installation.

screening machine 2

Features of the Plant

For less salt loss, washing process is carried out in conjunction with countercurrent washing technology.

Iodine or other additives are added according to customer needs.

After drying, screening process is applied to classify granules in different sizes.

Process of the plant

  • Raw salt is sent to a feed hopper at appropriate capacity and then transferred to a conveyor band.
  • A magnet is used to remove trash metals from this conveyor.
  • Raw salt is washed in a special washing system.
  • Crude salt is ground in a wet grinding system with a saturated brine.
  • Salt slurry is sent to a tank and pumped to a washing tank with one of centrifugal, high-pressure pump, centrifugal pump, axial flow pumps or gear pump.
  • Slurry is removed from slurry in washing tank.
  • Saltwater overflowing from washing tank is recycled.
  • Salt slurry is sent to hydrocyclone to thicken it.
  • Salt is removed from water in large scale by centrifugation. Iodine dosing is made.
  • In the fluidized bed dryer, salt is completely dried.
  • Drying milling is done to thin clumping salts.
  • Salts are passed through a screening machine to be classified.
  • If tablet salt production will be carried out, fine grade salt is sent to the rotary tablet machine.

Salt Processing Plants

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