The elevators are mechanisms that used in transport packages or materials such as grain, flour, sand, coal, salt. It can carry the materials as vertical or with above 70° inclination. The bucket elevators make moving operation through the buckets.


Salt Processing and Elevator

Both finished and crude materials can be stored in long silos. The bucket elevators are used for processing the material or storing finished material in these long silos. Also, the salt can be carried both vertical and horizontal without eroded through the z type elevators. Thanks to the elevators, excess salts are carried automatically to required place without using the human force.

Features of The Bucket Elevators

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  • Buckets are bolted with a special flat-head bolt, and head of bolt enters niche behind the bucket. This is because is preventing the bolt head from damaging the hoop.
  • It is 2 parts for easy disassembly of upper and lower heads and all connections are made with the bolt.
  • Vertical elevator pipes are manufactured from 1,5 mm or 2 mm sheet. The pipes are designed as demountable.
  • Gear motors are determined according to elevator capacity and lift height.
  • Bucket intervals at high-speed elevators are designed to preventing buckets from hitting each other.
  • Z type elevators turn endlessly around 4 gears.
  • Metal buckets are used for being durable in the Salt Production Line. Depth and size of the buckets are changed according to material structure.

Elevator | Working Principle

2 spaced pulleys are winded as stretched around the elevator. The buckets that connected with a strap are moved by an electric motor and the system starts rotating. When the elevator is rotating, material fills the bucket. Material is lifted to the upper head. At this point, material is discharged with the centrifuge, weighted, and directed methods. The distance between buckets changes according to discharging methods. The discharging method is determined according to material structure and speed adjustment.

Flat-Head Bolts

Flat-head bolts are used for connecting the buckets to bands. The most important feature of this bolts is durability. If the bucket in the system breaks, all system stops. the flat-head bolts are ideal for a system that will remove heavy material must be durable. Also, since bolt parts mustn’t mix in food materials such as salt, the flat-head bolts are used.

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General Structure of The Bucket Elevators

Drive Unit

The gear motor provides to the ascent of barrel and gear buckets on a spindle. This reducer must be lock type for preventing fall of the load when the power is cut.

Discharge Chute

The chute is manufactured from steel sheet. It provides upgraded material to intended place.

Drive Chassis (Upper)

The drive chassis lifts the drive unit. It is a welding construction that manufactured from steel sheet.

Observation Caps

The observation caps is hinged caps that made for observing and interfering at a possible pressure in the driver.


It is rolling bearings that pass one of the driving shafts.

Bearing Plate

It is plates that lift bearings.

Bearing Shore

It is welded part to drive chassis that supports the bearing plate.

Intermediate Casing

It is an elevator part that surrounds the bucket group.

Intermediate Casting Flange Gasket

It provides impermeability of the flanges that collocates to intermediate castings.


It provides transport of materials. The buckets are manufactured from metal or plastic.

Bucket Chain

It is forged chain that linked up of the buckets.

Loading Chute

It is chutes that loaded of buckets.

Loading Chute Flange

It is a flange that compatible with the discharge chute and welding to the loading chute.


It provides regularly work of the buckets as stretching the tail-pulley and idler gear.

Safety Beam

It prevents the tensioners approach each other.

Tail Chassis

It is a steel construction that bearing a tail shaft.

Service Gate

It is a hinged gate that used for cleaning and maintenance.,

Sole Plate

It is a plate that connected to the anchor bolts. It is used for anchoring the elevators to the floor.

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