Storage Systems

Salt is stored before and after operations in the intermediate operations before moving to the operation area. This storage is made with different equipment depending on the feature of the product. Raw salt bunkers are used to store raw salt, feed tank to feed intermediate salt to a machine, and silos to store the finished product in a clean and moisture free environment.

We design and install all storage systems according to the capacity of the Salt Processing Line. Since salt is an abrasive material, all storage systems are made of stainless steel. We work with our customers for long-lasting, easy-to-maintain and efficient storage systems.


Storage Systems | Raw Salt Bunker

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Raw salt is transported in a raw salt bunker before transport to the plant. Raw salt bunker is designed with a large upper side and a lower conical shape. It has a motor that provides the vibration to the conveyor band at the same speed and continuous discharge. This vibration ensures that the material falls from the lower conical section to the conveyor band. The construction is coated with the first epoxy coating and then paint.

Storage Systems | Table

Body Material Capacity Top Body Material Thickness Bottom Conic Material Thickness Support Rings Motor Power Construction
AISI 304 6 m3 (customizable) 3 mm 4 mm U Profile 0,25 kW Epoxy Coat and Paint

Storage Systems | Feed tank

Salt is processed on many machinery sides during cleaning and processing. A feed tank is designed for each section required for continuous and regular operation of these machines. These tanks facilitate transport and do not take up space.

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Storage Systems | Storage Silos

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Salt can be packaged or stored for a long time after it has been processed and dried. In long-term storage, salt must not be moistened and should not be affected by external factors. So only silos are used. Salt removal from salt silos is easily done by sweeping material from the lower floor to the upper floor.

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