Screw Washer

It is used to remove impurities and chemical impurities in salt, and improve salt quality. Thin shaft floating in water is settled in the pool on either side of the canal, and material escaping with contaminated water is reduced. It can be produced as single, and double helical and it is the most preferred machine for washing materials between 0-10 mm. This machine can be used in areas such as salt, sand, foodstuffs, mining, and recycling.

We continue to design and develop our screw washer to remove salt at the lowest capacity, minimum loss, minimum time, maximum capacity. We integrate the screw washer according to the customer's target market, raw salt quality and desired capacity.


Screw Washer | Working Principle

screw washer 3

Material is fed to a sediment pool from a material feed box under an inclined water reservoir. The screw is immersed in this pool, and the continuously rotating reducer is driven by an electric motor. The rotating screw drives material and separates the material from its impurities. Foreign matter exits water surface and leaves the system. Material of greater density is taken to the discharge chamber by the movement of the screw.

Screw Washer | Features

  • It is a machine that most preferred for washing of 0-10 mm between material.
  • It is suitable for high capacities.
  • Even when washed very dirty salt, loss of material is low.
  • 380 volt electric motor is used.
screw washer


Capacity Conveyor Length Body Steel Sheet Thickness Screw Conveyor Diameter Reducer Power Material
12 ton (customizable) 6000 mm 4 mm 300 mm 4 kW AISI 304



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