Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers provide heat transfer from one fluid to another without any physical contact between them. It can be used for various industrial and food processing industries such as drug dryer, textile dryer, spinning industry, tea dryer, rice grinder, rice dryer, salt dryer.

Our heat exchangers increase the heat transfer of the inner tubes so that the heat exchange occurs more efficiently. We are constantly developing our heat exchangers to reduce operating costs, increase plant efficiency and enable operation at higher temperatures.


Heat Exchanger | Working Principle

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While fluids passing through flow channels formed on plates flow without mixing with each other, desired heat transfer is realized due to the temperature difference. Symmetrical or asymmetrical designs on plates provide the flow of fluid in a turbulent manner.

Fluid Bed Dryer and Heat Exchanger

In fluid bed technology for cooling and heating, it is essential that material is both fluidized and used as a heat exchange medium. In fluid bed dryers, ambient air is changed using large air fans, and the heating operation is performed.

Heat Exchanger | Features

  • The installation is easy and is sent with the installation procedure.
  • A corrosion-resistant coating is produced with support.
  • Thanks to heat exchangers, the heat treatment time reduce.
  • It reduces pollution and increases final product quality. Product loss reduces during cleaning and product exchange.
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Heat Exchanger | GALLERY


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