Milling Machine

Crushing process is the first stage of the minimization process that made to provide the appropriate size on salt types. The crushing process can be applied to materials that between 2000 mm to 5 mm. Used machine for this process is a crusher.

Crushers are a mechanical appliance that applies pressure, impact and shear force, reduce materials into smaller dimensions. Forces that used at the crusher process are an impact, compression, crushing, shear and friction forces. They can be used many various ways. Types of crushers change according to an area that made the application. On the salt processing, the optimal crusher is a jaw crusher. As the Salt Processing Line, we design our crushers so that they do not harm materials.


Milling Machine | Milling Types

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Milling process can be applied wet or dry according to purpose. The wet and dry milling process is described below:

Wet Milling

Wet milling process is applied in a saturated saline solution. Aim of Wet Mill is finding out impurities in raw salt and making smaller size of product. Salt slurry in the wet mill falls to a slurry tank by gravity. Slurry is sent to the washing section.

Dry Milling

Elevator sends to dry mill for reaching smaller sizes of the dry salt. The dry mill resizes the product and product is sent back to the screening machine.

Milling Machine | Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are primer and/or seconder crushers that designed for breaking all types of material whatever hardness and corrosivity. Primer jaw crushers are preferred because of high performs and productivity. Primer crushers also can be used seconder crusher.

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Milling Machine | Process

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  • Crusher is fed from the top with material.
  • An eccentric rotary driving shaft actuates the moving jaw for crushing material with the fixed jaw.
  • The jaw crusher is driven by a motor.
  • Material that between two jaws is broken through elliptical movements of the moving jaw.
  • Material is collected in a container and dispatched to the other process.

Milling Machine | GALLERY


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