Vacuum Salt Processing Plant

Salt is crystallized in the evaporation plant, consuming low energy with the effect of the pressurized environment, and moisture is reduced. Since salts treated in this way dissolve at high temperature, steam load is reduced and the processes performed do not lower the quality of salt. We design machines that will consume energy at a minimum level and produce high-quality salt, and we do a turnkey installation.

Features of the Plant

  • The production capacities are 250.000 tons/year.
  • Advanced concepts are available to minimize operating costs.
  • The plant can be designed for a wide variety of raw salt compositions.
  • No thickener needed.
  • It has a direct-fed centrifuge.
pusher centrifuge 7

Process of the Plant

  • Raw salt is dissolved in an oven.
  • Salt is washed with saturated brine, and insoluble impurities in it are removed.
  • Chemicals are added to brine solution, and salt is purified from magnesium and calcium in it.
  • Salt water is filtered and sent to the evaporation plant for crystallization.
  • Salt slurry is centrifuged, which is crystallized and reduced in moisture by 50-60%.
  • With the aid of centrifuge, salt is liberated from humidity by 4-5%.
  • Lodization is performed.
  • Salt is completely dried in fluid bed dryer.
  • It is classified with help of salt screen and is packed or stored.
salt silo 2

Pharmaceutical grade salt

White crystalline sodium chloride, produced under the strict process control procedure with a 99.99% purity, is named as pharmaceutical grade salt. Drug salt is used in dietetic food, dialysis and infusion solutions and is an important ingredient in the medical sector. Pharmaceutical salt is obtained from vacuum salts using different chemicals.

Pharmaceutical grade salt Process

  • Salt is mixed with crude saturated brine.
  • Impurities in salt are eliminated by chemical dosing.
  • Salt water is filtered, and salt slurry is obtained.
  • A second chemical dosing and filtration are performed.
  • Salt is sent to the evaporator feed tank.
  • Crystallization is carried out in evaporator system, and gradual salt is formed.


Our goal is to present vacuum salt processing machines that will produce the highest quality and purest salt for our customers with minimum salt loss. We constantly improve ourselves for this purpose and work with our customers.

Salt Processing Plants

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