Electric Control System

Salt treats from many transactions such as storage, conveyance, refining. Used machinery and tools in these transactions have electric motors and power systems. All power systems are provided together with a bulk power control system. Thus the control of machinery can be directed from a single operator.


Electric Control Panels

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Electric control panels are designed for controlling machine and equipment. Every panel is manufactured for providing an equipment control and they include devices that an operator must use.

Electric power and control panel components are designed for controlling every equipment in every industry. Pieces of information that must be learned in this panel are instructed to operators during production line install.

Electric Power and Control Panel Elements

  • Input protection and ciphering
  • Power and energy tracking and control system
  • Power distribution system
  • Heat management
  • Circuit and load protection
  • Motor controller
  • Conduit box
  • Power supplies
  • Programmable controller
  • Operation dialog
  • Input/output interfaces
  • Relays
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Advantages of The Electric Power and Control Panel

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It is easy to specify and changes the desired function in this panel. It is effective in cases of emergency shutdown and reporting of dangerous situations.

Advanced Control Techniques

This system provides systematic operations, yield increase and quality output for customers.


This system can change any function without difficulty. Adjustments can be changed and programmed anytime. The adjustments such as temperature drop, water systems can be easily made.

Time-saving and efficiency

Changes can be made centrally and a short-time. Thus, there isn’t lost time in production and human power use is decreased.

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