Salt Processing Plants

Salt is used in food industry, industrial production, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and roads. Salt production is done by solar evaporation in salt lakes or by solution mining methods. The quality of salt and therefore a place of use will vary according to methods of treatment of salt. We, as the Salt Processing, set up a turn-key facility for the processing of salts extracted from their resources by specifying a production method suitable for a target market of the customer.

Vacuum Salt Plant

Multiple evaporation systems are operated according to the theory of reducing the boiling point of the negative pressure. Saturated salt water and salt precipitate are purified from magnesium and calcium by chemical treatment in refining process. Salty water is sent to evaporation facility where crystallization takes place, and slurry is sent to a concentrate tank. Salt slurry is concentrated between 50-60%, and humidity is reduced to 4-5% in the centrifuge. Iodization process is preferably carried out, and salt is dried and classified.

Mechanical Salt Plant

Mechanical salt plants consist of systems such as washing, breaking, separating. Main purpose of the plants is to break up large salt granules in order to remove as much purity as possible in salt and to remove impurities on surface of the granules. The number of crushing, washing or separating machines can be changed according to quality of raw salt.


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