Cyclone is a conical construction that separates the air from dust with centrifugal force in pneumatic systems. The use of cyclones is very common, and especially in systems where dust loads are high, it acts as a dust trap before filtering to reduce dust load.

We designed cyclones for the cases where salt contained a lot of dust in the processing of salt. This reduces dust load in the plant.


Cyclone | Working Principle


When air and dust mixture enters the system with air, it slows down because of the growth of the cross-section. Slowing powder vortex movement causes a phase change of powder mixture. Dust falls down with the effect of gravity and centrifugal force.

Cyclone | Process

  • A high-velocity airflow creates in the cyclone.
  • The air flows as spiral starting from the narrow end before leaving from cyclone with a straight stream.
  • With the vortex movement, particles start to fall.
  • Large particles have too much inertia to follow current, and so they multiply against the outer walls and fall down.
  • Small pieces are separated.
  • As motion of the vortex moves towards the narrow end of the cyclone, radius of curvature of stream is reduced so that smaller pieces are separated.
cyclone 5


Cyclone Type Material Material Thickness Upper Diameter
2 Type AISI 304 Stainlerss Steell 3 mm 2300 mm



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